Our Offerings

We provide solutions for Institutional investors. financial and non-financial companies, governments and multilateral international organizations.

GlobalAI Co.

"It's time to harness the work and intellectual creativity of those outside the official statistics tent"

Steve McFeely

Chief Statistician of the UNCTAD Statistics Division

A Platform to Align Private Sector Sustainability Reporting with the SDGs

Using the most advanced artificial intelligence technologies, machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP), our innovative technology enables us to uncover hidden sustainability and non-financial risks.

What Our Platform Enables

Important Insights for Institutional Investors

Our short-term and long-term ESG/SDG indicators provide important insights for institutional investors. In addition, we offer Sentiment, Stress/Risk indicators, leading volatility signals, Equity Factors, and custom Big Data and AI solutions for institutional investors, including:

  • ESG & SDG Scores, Benchmarks, Indices, Signals and Ratings. This includes short-term, long-term, volume, dispersion and momentum signals.
  • SDG Scores for each of the 17 SDGs as well as a company total SDG score
  • Enable ESG/SDG-tilted strategies and thematic investments
  • Optimize risk-return-impact decisions across equity and bonds
  • Equity and Bond ESG/SDG screening & attribution
  • Compare your ESG/SDG exposure and risks across portfolios and benchmark against ESG/SDG Indices
  • Advanced text analytics & insights, including word clouds

Macro-Financial Indicators

  • Equity Cross-sectional Anomalies
  • Earning Surprises
  • Macroeconomic Surprises
  • Leading Volatility Indicator – VPIN
  • GDP Now-casting & Forecasting
  • Turbulence Scores
  • Absorption Ratio Scores
  • Market Regime Scores
  • Variance Risk Premium
  • Composite Indicator of Systemic Stress

Sentiment & Event-Driven Indicators

  • News Sentiment Scores
  • Country SDG Risk Scores
  • Country WEF-Based Risk Scores
  • WEF Risk Factors
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Global Economic Dashboard

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